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Quotes retrieved on February 21, 2020, 01:36:31 AM CST
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Quotes retrieved on February 21, 2020, 01:36:31 AM CST


Board Nominations Now Open

The Board of Directors of Flagler Cooperative Association would like to announce nominations are now open for one Board of Director position. Nominations can be given to any member of the nominating committee. Members will vote on the candidates at the annual meeting being held at the American Legion in Flagler on March 28, 2020. The nominating committee is Jeff Richie 719-349-4438; Tony Lorince 719-740-1176; and Raymond Enderson 719-740-3202.


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Local Weather

Flagler, Colorado (80815)
Current Conditions Clear
Temperature 2°F
Dew Point -1°F
Pressure 30.40 in. Hg
Humidity 87%
Wind 0 mph


Contact Us

Flagler Cooperative Association
P.O. Box 398
Flagler, CO  80815
Companywide e-mail: 
Elevator / Feedmill / Main Office
Phone: 719-765-4416
Fax:      719-765-4713 
General Manager/Grain: Brent Oestman 
General Operations Manager: Randy Fagerlund
Finance Manager: Angie Elrick
Feed Sales Manager: Weston Charles
Operations Manager: Eric Moore
Arriba Elevator Country Store Express
Phone: 719-768-3311  Phone: 719-765-4537
Fax: 719-768-3377
  C-Store Manager: Norma Nash
Arriba Manager:  Kysor Brent

 Genoa Elevator
Phone: 719-765-4416  Phone: 719-763-2297
Fuels Manager: Chester Ewing  Fax: 719-763-2225
   Genoa Manager: Mark Hollowell

Ace Hardware  Hugo Elevator
Phone: 719-765-4648  Phone: 719-743-2692
Fax: 719-765-4535  Fax: 719-743-2164
Ace Manager: Brian Rowden  Hugo Manager: Mark Hollowell

2-W Elevator  
Phone: 719-775-9570  
Cell Phone: 719-740-2778  
2-W Manager: Mark Hollowell  


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