Fluid Milk and Cream Review - East

     Fluid Milk and Cream - Eastern U.S.

     Report 20 - Released on May 16, 2018

     Northeast milk production is increasing, but many market participants report the spring
     flush truly has not hit yet. Balancing operations are clearing heavy milk loads for
     production needs. Some market participants report bottling orders are down, however Class
     III sales are stable. There are reports of some cream salvage and tolling taking place in
     the area. Mid-Atlantic milk production is following suit with Northeast milk production.
     Manufacturers are receiving heavy milk volumes into their plants. Southeast milk production
     is flat to decreasing. Class I sales are down as educational institutions are closing for
     the school year. Manufacturing plants are running on short to full schedules for production
     needs. Cream multiples range 1.18-1.27, with demand still on the rise. Cream is currently
     available. However, with Class II cream sales picking up many market participants are
     willing to purchase cream at premiums based on time and need. Market participants report
     Condensed skim market conditions are steady to weak. Offers are ubiquitous at flat to lower
     prices. According to the DMN National Retail Report-Dairy, for the period of May 11-17,
     2018, the U.S. weighted average advertised price for the half gallon pack size milk was
     $2.43, up 46 cents compared to last week and up 89 cents from last year.

     Northeastern U.S., F.O.B. Condensed Skim
     Price Range - Class II; $/LB Solids:         0.45 - 0.81
     Price Range - Class III; $/LB Solids:        0.49 - 0.85

     Northeastern U.S., F.O.B. Cream
     Multiples Range - All Classes:               1.1800 - 1.2700
     Price Range - Class II; $/LB Butterfat:      2.7488 - 2.9585

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